On the 1 December 2001 the Fran Daurel Foundation of Contemporary Art (painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, etc.) opened in Barcelona, within the Poble Espanyol venue, a foundation that has endeavoured to offer a global vision of contemporary art. In this collection we can appreciate a strong passion for everything that is close, immediate, yet with a commitment to the future. The Fran Daurel collection consists of several generations of contemporary artists that include a wide range of tendencies and supports that go from abstraction to figurative art and which move within formalism, expressionism, surrealism, hyperrealism, conceptualism, etc. As a way of synthesis, we can distinguish three generations, the first consisting of Picasso, Miró, Oscar Domínguez, Gomez de la Serna, Dali, etc. The second is made up of Tàpies, Clavé, Joan Ponç, Chillida, Guinovart, Palazuelo, Manolo Valdes, etc. Finally, the third is represented by Barceló, Sicilia, Rasero, Plensa, Mata, Riera i Aragó, etc. This all makes a full list of eighty artists and more than three hundred artworks that continues growing with new acquisitions from all the generations and which form this collection. Also of note is the collection of ceramics, comprising of more than twenty original works by Picasso.